Something is very comforting and delicious about a large helping of banana pudding for dessert. It is a sweet treat enjoyed more in the south and has been around for years, in fact the very first recipe was published in Good Housekeeping magazine in the 1880s. It was in the 1940s when the large company Nabisco started printing the recipe on it's Vanilla Wafers boxes so people associated the cookie with the recipe. But when you're looking for the best banana pudding in East Texas we have suggestions from the locals you need to visit so you can decide for yourself.

The reason the South because so well known for banana pudding is because New Orleans and Mobile were one of the first places to receive shipments of bananas. And I had no idea about this until learning it from Atlanta Magazine, that banana pudding was actually taken into outer space. That was in 1969 on Apollo 11.

There Are So Many Different Banana Pudding Recipes

Each culinary masterpiece known as banana pudding is a little different. I've heard of many people using vanilla pudding instead of banana pudding when creating the recipe because the taste of the real bananas gives it enough flavor. But like I said everyone makes their recipe a little bit different.

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Women Discussing Banana Pudding Recipes is Like Guys Talking About Their Favorite Fishing Hole

Unless you're family, you probably aren't going to get a family recipe for banana pudding. It's one of those things that are passed down generation by generation, with most people not writing down the recipe just knowing it by heart. That's probably another reason why we love this magical dessert so much.

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