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The holidays bring families together. Many East Texans will have family from around the state and country come in to visit them. Once the initial greetings are over and everyone gets settled in is when you, the host, usually have to come up with something for them to do so they're not bored. Thankfully, East Texas has quite a few options for you in the form of drive-thru Christmas light parks.

A drive-thru Christmas light park is full of millions of twinkling little lights that come together to create some beautiful sights. East Texas park operators have been working on their creations since early to mid-summer and are now ready for you and your family to enjoy them.

Once the weather really cools off in East Texas, at the time of writing this in early November its still 80 degrees, you can visit these drive-thru parks while sipping on some hot chocolate in the car while Christmas tunes play on the radio with the widows down and the heater on full blast.

Each park in East Texas is different. There are parks that feature:

  • all lights
  • lighted figures
  • painted scenes with cut-out figures
  • action displays
  • dancing lights

Each location offers a unique experience and will bring a lot of joy to your holiday as you spend it with family and you can start a new tradition with them.

Come along as we take a trip around East Texas and take a look at some of the most popular drive-thru Christmas light parks in East Texas.

Drive Thru Christmas Light Parks In East Texas (2022)

Gather up the family and head to an East Texas Christmas light park to create some memories with the family.

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