took at look at how Texas ranks in donating to charities in one year. They used information from to get their results. Of their top 10 list, Tyler ranked number seven with Dallas - Forth Worth metroplex coming in at number one.

Not bad. But how much do some of our other counties give to charitable organizations? Using the same website, lets take a look.

Smith County

As mentioned above, Tyler is very giving with giving 5.53% of their income to organizations. Looking county wide, the percentage rate is the same with a total of $176,004,000 given. Wow.

Gregg County

Residents of Gregg County are no slouches. They gave 4.55% of their annual income for a total of $88,828,000.

Cherokee County

Cherokee County, give yourselves a pat on the back. You gave 3.78% of your income totaling $14,609,000.

Using, you can also break it down by zip code to get a better look at how individual cities donated. These numbers don't list what charities received the most money.

Check out and see how your county or city gave. You'll be pretty proud of your area.

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