If you wake up craving something cold, like a milkshake-y Wendy's Frosty, soon you'll be able to have one for breakfast.  Sort of.

Wendy's is planning to have a Frosty-ccino on the breakfast menu, which will be sweet like the beloved Frosty, but it will be thinner, on ice, and mixed with espresso.  Why not!  They'll have vanilla and chocolate Frosty-ccinos on the menu when they launch the new breakfast menu in 2020.

The internet has been nuts lately, with all the fighting over which fast food restaurant has the best chicken sandwich, and now Wendy's will be clouding our decision-making process even more by adding a new breakfast chicken sandwich.  They've come up with a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, and that's a "seasoned crispy chicken fillet topped with maple honey butter on a fluffy buttermilk biscuit."  Just take our money now.

If they didn't include some bacon offerings there would be a bacon uprising, so they'll have plenty of that too.  Like the Breakfast Baconator, which sounds like something to definitely consume after the gym and not before because it might sit there like a rock in your stomach for a while. But oh well!  It's "Grilled sausage, American cheese, Applewood-smoked bacon, fresh-cracked grade A eggs, more cheese and more bacon all covered in swiss cheese sauce."  It's a breakfast burger.

They're going to need a bunch of new people to help make the breakfast menu happen, and they're planning to hire 20,000 workers nationwide over the next few months.  (I bet you'll get a discount on that Baconator once you're hired.)  Just check in with our East Texas Wendy's locations to see when they're accepting applications.

The breakfast menu is going to be huge, so it looks like Wendy's really wants to compete with other breakfast restaurants with the new menu.  Does anyone eat cereal or yogurt at home anymore?  We're about to find out.

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