Everything in Texas is bigger and better. Texans are proud to be from Texas and ain't afraid to let ya know it. When you mention Texas, you think of BBQ, oil, big hair, cowboys and cowgirls, blue jeans and cowboy boots, supporters of our military, country and Texas music, beer -- and pickup trucks! What is more Texas than a pickup truck? Not much! But the question is what make of of truck do Texans prefer? Some like Chevys, some are Ford fans, some prefer a Dodge truck. Then there are those who may reside in Texas, but are obviously not Texas born (the ones who like their foreign trucks!). Just jokin' guys.

I'm curious to know what all the East Texas pickup truck driving KNUE listeners have to say. Are you a die-hard Chevy lover, a Ford fan all the way, a Dodge Ram lover or a "foreigner?"

Let's settle this debate right here and now! Take the poll below and make your choice known, East Texas!

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