Since early last year unemployed Texans who were fearful of contracting COVID-19 could turn down a prospective job, and still maintain their unemployment benefits. According to the Texas Workforce Commission those special pandemic guidelines will soon be coming to an end.

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In a a release this week, The Texas Workforce Commission announced Texans who turn down job opportunities because they feel like the job isn't safe during the pandemic will no longer be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. The new guidelines take affect on June 26th.

"The decline in COVID cases in Texas, widespread availability of vaccines, and greater availability of services such as child care renders such guidance out of date," a TWC press release stated Tuesday.

Additionally beginning June 26th, unemployed Texans will lose access to a $300-per-week supplemental benefit through the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program.

Congress had extended these programs through September, but Governor Abbott withdrew Texas from early. Abbott also cut off Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, which had extended unemployment aid to gig workers, self-employed people, and others who don't traditionally receive unemployment benefits.

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