Sadly, due to the Coronavirus concerns, people have had to cancel all kinds of things--that includes much anticipated vacations. In fact, being compelled to stay home and the subsequent travel bans we're seeing pop everywhere are only making the wanderlust more intense.

But, while we do our best to work from home and engage in "staycation" activities to stop ourselves and our kids from going bonkers, it's comforting to know that just planning a vacation for when things return to normal can give us quite a boost.

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If one isn't able to actually take a trip, isn't this a bit like torturing ourselves? Well, you might think that's the case. In reality, the research shows otherwise. A journal called Applied Research in the Quality of Life states that the process of planning and anticipating the trip may lead to greater happiness than even taking the trip itself? How's that grasping the power of the imagination.

Plan a trip in great detail--down to the daily walks and even places to stop for coffee, From the packing to the flight to the hotel to the sights and stops, Plan it all. Stop short of booking the reservation--for now at least.

I've also found it to be true that if you want to go somewhere in real life with intent, whether literally or metaphorically, it's almost impossible to go there without having gone there in your mind first. Not to mention, when you DO finally get around to taking that trip, you'll already have half the work done.

HuffPost has an in-depth look if you'd like to peruse further. Get to planning. ;)

And stay safe, friends.

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