Last week, Disney-Pixar released the latest full trailer for Finding Dory, the much-anticipated computer-animated sequel to 2003's Finding Nemo. And while moviegoers are eagerly waiting for the return of Nemo and Dory on June 17, there is a subset of fans on the Internet who are celebrating the film for possibly different reasons.

Eagle-eyed fans who have watched the Finding Dory trailer closely are speculating that there's a scene featuring a lesbian couple with a baby. At approximately 1:06 into the trailer, there's a gag in which two women are horrified when they find an octopus sitting in their stroller in place of a toddler. The two women, people are assuming, are a couple and would thus be the first depiction of a gay couple in a Disney animated film.

Ellen DeGeneres, who voices Dory, has been one of Hollywood's most prominent supporters of LGBT rights, is married to Arrested Development and Scandal star Portia de Rossi.

If the speculation is true, it would be only a subtle reference, as the two women do not seem to be significant characters, as the movie does take place mostly in the sea. But it would be Disney's first known attempt at diversifying the types of people that are depicted in the company's family-focused films.

Several people have taken to social media to voice their support for Disney, and are even speaking out against any backlash coming from those who may oppose or boycott the movie for this reason.

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