Before his tour kicks off this week, Sam Hunt had a little dress rehearsal, singing his new single 'Take Your Time' on 'Ellen.' The always-encouraging hostess even bragged about the country newcomer's accomplishments before he took the stage.

"In only six months, our next guest has become a country music superstar with five songs already in the Top 40," DeGeneres told her massive audience.

Then, the famous blue walls separated, revealing Hunt and his full band. The singer grinned as he took the mic, beginning the song with spoken word. His performance started off simple, with Hunt standing with his hands behind his back. When the pace picked up, the singer picked up the mic, walking around the stage.

Hunt harmonized with his acoustic guitar player, making the live performance in front of millions seem almost intimate. As the drum beat ended, he thanked the crowd before DeGeneres walked up to talk with him about how he made the transition from college football to Nashville music.

"I did go out to rookie camp with the [Kansas City] Chiefs but that was short lived," Hunt reveals in the clip above. "I didn't make it on out there and I already was pretty dead set on moving to Nashville, so a few months later I headed up."

Want to see Sam Hunt Live? Check out his Lipstick Graffiti Tour dates here.

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