A couple of weeks ago I talked about a single mother by the name of Ashton Robinson who attends Texas A&M University. She was explaining how she didn’t have a babysitter for her son Emmett and after emailing her professor indicating she couldn't make it to class, Professor Dr. Henry Musoma made an unconventional move. He told her to bring him to class and he would babysit.


When she shared her experience on Facebook with adorable photos holding the baby while conducting class, the post went viral and eventually landed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ashley went on to say that she thought the school year would be difficult because of her being a single mother:

I got pregnant with Emmett and I had him obviously and I thought that things were just going downhill," Robinson said. "I just recently became a single mom and so I was depressed, I didn't know what do.  He just completely turned my year around.

Ellen then had her assistant bring Emmett out and they bonded instantly. This act of kindness prompted Ellen to help out as well. She presented Ashton a check for $10,000 for expenses and other essentials the little family may need.

Being a single parent of twin boys, I can fully understand the adversity of being a full-time student and a parent. Even though they're college students now, I can fully appreciate teachers like Mr. Musoma - an educator who will go that extra mile to ensure his students succeed in their studies.

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