I'm not sure if your area is anything like mine but I've already seen people lighting off fireworks as they are excited for New Years Eve and the beginning of 2022. To me, it's no big deal, I used to love to light off fireworks as a kid now I will watch others spend that money. But I do understand that lost of people don't like fireworks, so that's why I wanted to contact the City of Tyler to find out if it is legal or not to light off fireworks within city limits.

After hearing back from city officials I found out that it is NOT legal to sell, possess, or light off fireworks within the city of Tyler. It's code 6.122, but as we all know there will be people that will choose to light off fireworks anyway. If you are planning to bring in the new year with a BANG, just know that if your neighbors want to report you for illegal activity they can. But let's hope everyone can get along and law enforcement doesn't get bombarded with calls about fireworks.

It Really Comes Down to Being Respectful

If you know of a neighbor who loves to do firework displays talk to them about it, most people here in East Texas are pretty reasonable. Just be kind and respectful when having the conversation, these are your neighbors, I'm sure there can be a compromise.

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Enjoy Your New Years Eve Responsibly

We all know that booze is normally at just about every New Years event, just remember to celebrate responsibly. Please don't drink and drive, and remember fireworks and booze don't mix well.

We are wishing you the best in 2022!

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