It's a bold new world, and this big step came to Austin, TX in early '22. From prosthetics, to organs, and guns to now homes, 3D printing is a giant leap forward for humankind. Do you remember when Texas got its first-ever 3D home?

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“While the organic nature of the 3D-printed concrete and curved walls are new design languages for us, House Zero was still entirely in line with the natural connections we seek in our architecture,” said Ashley Heeren, Associate, Lake|Flato. “The home expresses our shared passions for craft and performance in an inviting and comfortable family home constructed through a totally new way of building. It’s been a thrill for our team to work with ICON on such an innovative home design and be a part of the future of homebuilding.”

It's beautifully made of a concrete-like material that looks like it's being poured from a delicious robotic Dairy Queen soft-serve machine. Guys, the way this home was assembled is absolutely fascinating.

It was designed by ICON, the leader of advanced construction technologies pioneering large-scale 3D printing, "House Zero" as they call it, "is the first in what ICON hopes will be an entirely new genre of homes that are specifically designed to utilize opportunities created by 3D printing."

And it's not a tiny home, like you might initially think. The home is 2,000+ sq-ft, it's got 3 bedrooms and boasts 2.5 bathrooms. Oh and a 350 sq-ft, a 1 bedroom/1 bath accessory dwelling unit. IT'S GOTTA 3D PRINTED GUEST HOME TOO!

They debuted it at SXSW in Austin last year,  if you're interested in this, get more info about 3D homes right here.

First-Ever 3D Printed Home in Austin, TX, Dubbed 'House Zero'

From prosthetics, to organs, and guns to now homes, 3D printing has become a giant step forward for humankind. If you missed the news, this week the first-ever 3D home was unveiled in Austin, TX, and we've got your first look at it.

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