Good 'ol Buc-ee's. Most of us in East Texas have been to one and have probably done it on multiple occasions. It's a fun pit stop on any road trip full of food, t-shirts and visiting a bathroom you can dine in. In some ways, us Buc-ee's veterans can take our shopping experience for granted. So it's fun when we can introduce someone to the fun of Buc-ee's whose never been. A first timer to Buc-ee's got on a Buc-ee's Facebook group to get some suggestions for what to buy during her first trip. Buc-ee's fans did not disappoint.

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Buc-ee's in Terrell

Me and my girlfriend love stopping at Buc-ee's. There has been a couple of Saturdays where we would drive to Terrell for the sole purpose of going to Buc-ee's. We love the t-shirts, the barbecue sandwiches, the Beaver Nuggets and she loves browsing the home goods section to find something for whatever season it is. While she's doing that, I'll browse the new t-shirts to hopefully add to the collection and the other Buc-ee's merch. Buc-ee's is a fun adventure for both of us.

Going to buc-ees for the first time this weekend. Can you help me with the MUST buy items?TIA food - Amanda Stevens in BUC-EES LOVERS Facebook group

First Time Buc-ee's Visitor

For first time Buc-ee's visitor Amanda Stevens, she wanted to know what the must buy items are to pick up. She asked in the BUC-EES LOVERS Facebook group:

BUC-EES LOVERS Facebook Group
BUC-EES LOVERS Facebook Group

Buc-ee's Fans Answers

Fans of Buc-ee's did not disappoint with their answers. There were the usual fan favorites like:

  • Beaver Nuggets
  • T-shirt
  • Barbecue sandwich
  • Beef Jerky

But there were also some hidden gem items thrown in:

  • Fresh roasted nuts
  • Banana pudding
  • Beaver Buddies Animal Cookies
  • Beaver Chips
  • Smoked Turkey sandwich
  • Cheesesteak burrito
  • White Cheddar Beaver Nuggets
  • Taffy

These all sound like great suggestions even for us Buc-ee's veterans. Now I'm hankering for a quick trip to Terrell for a visit. I can't this weekend but maybe I can next weekend. That sounds like a good time for me and Amber.

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