Welcome to 2020. A year that has us re-thinking,  re-adjusting, and re-imagining everything we thought we knew. With all the adjustments we as adults have made in our day to day life, our kids are watching,  and we all know they like to be just like mom & dad.

Fisher-Price has debuted a new line of toys to depict the current reality of quarantine life. The 3 new toys let kids do all the things most adults were doing over the past 6 months. The sets are designed to let kids role play and copy mom & dad cooking, working from home, and working out, because we know the gyms have been closed.  Yes, I am serious, so stay with me on this for the descriptions.

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The My Home Office Set is pretty much on point for a dose of reality. It's a eight-piece set that features a toy laptop and four fabric apps attached to the computer screen. There is also a wood smartphone and headset and a to-go cup for kids to sip their favorite beverage, according to the company. It retails for $24.99.

Photo: Amazon

The Cutest Chef set allows kids to cook with a 4-piece set of cooking-themed infant toys includes a crinkle recipe card, play tongs with a meatball spinner, a chewy oven mitt teether, and a wearable chef’s apron bibgreat. It retails for $14.99.

Photo: Walmart

When your little one is ready to get their work-out on, there is the Baby Biceps set. This set features 4 gym-themed infant toys for tiny fitness lovers to pump up at play time. A soft, wearable headband gives baby a retro-inspired look as they lift and chew the kettle bell rattle, curl up and clack the dumbbell, and take a sip of the jingling protein shake. It will set you back $14.99 as well.

Photo: Walmart

So there you have it. This is where we are with toys for our youngest and most impressionable. Yes, they are kinda cute. I adore the Cutest Chef set, but wonder what happened to the old Lincoln Logs and Barbie Press-on sets we loved? ( Remember Colorforms? I loved those!) Good times...good times.


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