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When it comes to the bridge height, 11' 2" or 11' 4" is just that and no more!

It's been a busy month so far for Longview Police when it comes to responding to accidents involving trucks striking one of the Green Street bridges in Longview, Texas. Those familiar with Longview and Green Street know there are two low-clearance railroad bridges that drivers must navigate under.

The city of Longview and Union Pacific Railroad have taken measures, after many different accidents, to warn those driving high profile vehicles and trucks of the low clearance underneath the bridges by placing warning signs on the approach, huge signs on the side of the bridge with oversized font warning of the low clearance and one bridge even has warning bars suspended over the roadway to warn truck drivers of the bridge's low clearance. Despite all of these warning measures, some truck drivers still believe they can make it under one or both of these bridges!

During the month of November 2022, these bridges have been hit three times (so far)!

  • November 15th - Green Street @ Nelson
  • November 8th - Green Street @ Nelson
  • November 3rd - Green Street in downtown

The latest incident was reported by KLTV 7 saying a box truck had part of the roof and side of the box truck ripped back from the Green Street and Nelson bridge. Thankfully this guy didn't get stuck under the bridge like so many others. He will definitely have to explain this one to his boss and to the rental company that owns the truck.

Over the years we've seen several box trucks get destroyed by either one of these bridges along with a random cement truck too. In pretty much all of the cases, the bridges win every single time!

Check out some of the previous trucks that have become a victim of the 'Green Street Monster' and his 'little brother'!

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