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There are all kinds of warning devices on the approach to a famous low underpass railroad bridge in downtown Longview. This bridge is decked out with flashing lights, hanging tubes, markings on the bridge of its height, and signs on poles approaching the bridge and drivers still ignore all the warning signs.

Downtown Longview's famous Green Street bridge aptly named the 'Green Street Monster', stopped another 18-wheeler from making it to its destination on time Thursday afternoon because the driver didn't pay attention to all the warning signs of a low bridge and got stuck underneath it.

The railroad bridge underpass has a marked clearance of 11 feet 2 inches and has had many safety enhancements made to it throughout the years to bring this low clearance fact to truck driver's attention, but there are those who, for some reason, don't pay attention or think their 11' 6" trailer will make it. Sorry fella, it won't.

Today, November 3rd, a truck driver learned the hard way and now has to explain to his superiors why his shipment is going to be late and what happened to the cab and trailer of his truck after getting stuck underneath the railroad bridge on Green Street.

Usually, emergency personnel are able to let the air out of the trailer tires to free the trailer, but not in this case. A crane was brought in and the trailer was taken apart in order to be removed from underneath the railroad bridge.

Just Monday afternoon the 'Green Street Monster's' little brother - the bridge at Green Street at Nelson - had a similar thing happen to it as the driver of a produce delivery truck ignored the low clearance signs on this bridge and went under it, but didn't quite clear the bridge and totally destroyed the box part of the truck and had produce and debris spread all across the road. The driver of this truck fled the scene.

Despite the efforts made by the City Of Longview Traffic and Streets departments and Union Pacific, truck drivers continue to ignore the warning devices and challenge the 'Green Street Monster' and he's going to win just about every single time.

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