The few bridges that cross Longview's Green Street are rather low clearance bridges that often stop big trucks in their tracks, and it happened again today.

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Usually the Green Street bridge near Cotton St., nicknamed the Green Street Monster, is the bridge that captures the most trucks and takes a bite out of their high loads or trailers. Although this bridge has a visual warning system of signs, street markings and hanging pylons warning drivers of the bridges' low clearance, many of the drivers caught by the bridge simply didn't head any of the warnings they passed by or under.

However, this afternoon it wasn't the Green Street Monster that got to take a bite out of a truck, it was his little brother down south at Nelson St. that stopped a tree trimming truck in his tracks. The Green St. bridge near Nelson St. has a pretty low clearance of 10 feet 6 inches.

Lucky Larry
Lucky Larry

This bridge is 8 inches shorter than the Green Street Monster! It was nearly a year ago that the Green Street Monster had his last meal, when he stopped and cement truck in its track and it was nearly a year before that when it stopped a local paper company's box truck. It seems as if there's something about the month of May. Box truck, cement, delivery trailer truck drivers should just stay off of Green Street in Longview during the month of May!

The bridge is so popular and well known that it has its own Facebook page!  The page has a pic of the truck that was stopped in its tracks today.

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