With flashing yellow lights and warning signs about the bridge's low 11' 2" clearance, truck drivers continue to ignore (or don't see) the yellow flashing lights and warning signs on and around Longview's infamous Green Street bridge!

According to the Longview Police Department's Facebook page, the latest incident where a truck driver took on the Green Street bridge and lost was on June 13th! Taking a look at the picture from the Facebook page, this time it was a rental truck that got stuck under the bridge. When you look closely at the pic, on the side of the truck right by the passenger door (and it's probably on the driver's side too) is a sticker that states the trucks height! Obviously this driver just wasn't paying attention!

Longview Police Department via Facebook
Longview Police Department via Facebook

There was another incident with the Green Street bridge on April 24th where the driver got stuck underneath it because his box truck was just too high! In this case the bridge was like a can opener as it peeled back the top of the box truck!

The Green Street bridge has been hit numerous times throughout its long history and KLTV has featured this bridge on the news just about every time a truck driver decides to take it on.  Of course, the bridge ends up winning time and time again!

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