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The Union Pacific Railroad bridge that crosses over Green Street in downtown Longview, Texas is affectionately known to locals as 'The Green Street Monster'. Why is that? Well, it's a monster because it stops big box trucks, cement trucks, wreckers, semi-trailers, and more in their tracks because of its low clearance.

Despite installed warning signs and visually aided tubes that are suspended from above the roadway, truck drivers seem to still be oblivious to the low clearance underneath the bridge. The bridge is clearly marked with a clearance of 11 feet 4 inches, but truck drivers don't pay any attention to that.

Late Tuesday afternoon Longview Police were called out to the Green Street bridge because a box truck made contact with the bottom of the bridge and became stuck underneath it. Upon removing the truck from under the bridge it was revealed that part of the roof had been peeled back and there was a hole in the front corner of the box truck's roof.

Now the driver of the truck has to explain to his boss or the rental company how the truck became damaged. I can only imagine how that conversation is going to go!

When this happens the comments that get left on the Longview Police Departments Facebook page are pretty funny and people leave some suggestions too on how to keep this from happening:

Brittany Nicolle Krantz
Do these drivers not see the signs or do they just not believe them??


Keith Loper
Ban trucks from using this bridge


Stephanie Piper Bickel
Green Street Monster : "omnomnomnom


Jerry William
The Green Street Monster is a local legend, with it's NEED to FEED. I think it deserves its own special holiday. I'd celebrate it.


Iler Boyd
Oh no. Not again. This has got to be the sturdiest bridge in the nation. It always wins

The bridge is so famous it even has its own Facebook page! We've been reporting on these truck drivers when we learn about their encounters with the Green Street Monster. They should learn from the previous driver that the bridge is going to win!

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