Studies show that an average of 35% of Americans are either obese or overweight. This includes people of every age ranging from children to the elderly. And no matter how old you are, losing weight and watching what you eat is not easy. Well a company called HapiLabs has just released a fork that's whole purpose is to track what you're eating.

The HapiFork made its debut within the last week at the CSE Convention in Las Vegas, and it's already taken the world by storm. Some are calling it a revolutionary aide to weight loss. But a lot of people are confused as to what the big deal is. Isn't it just a fork? No, no it isn't.

The HapiFork is designed to record how much food you eat. Not only that, but it tells you when you've had too much, are eating too fast, and records how long it takes you to eat. Say you take a bite of pasta, and within 10 seconds go back for another bite. The fork will lightly vibrate to tell you to stop and wait, because you are eating too fast. The fork uses Bluetooth to sync up with an app on your phone and records the data for you.