There are a thousand cliches that can be used when talking about the future. All I will say is that we're getting closer and closer to what science fiction movies have shown us about the future. Some future endeavors seem pretty scary. Others seem pretty cool. I will file this future endeavor coming soon to Athens, Texas as one of the cool ones.

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Cafe X is a Japanese company that is building robots that can be your personal barista. From the video on the Cafe X YouTube channel, you walk up and order the cup of joe you want then Cafe X makes that cup of joe and delivers it to you. The whole process takes about 30 seconds or so.

Pretty cool.

Opening soon in Athens is Freelancer's Cafe. Here you can be served by this Cafe X robot. After you get your coffee, take a seat and type out a few emails, maybe play a game or two or order some food, from a real person, not a robot (for all you self checkout haters, there will be real people working.)

The other cool thing about Freelancer's Cafe is that they will be using Van Zandt Coffee, a local coffee roaster in Athens that's been around since 2016. The owner, Sam, is a West Point graduate and earned a bronze star during his military service.

Right now there is no official opening date but it seems to be close. You can drive by and get a peek at Freelancer's Cafe at 114 North Palestine Street in Athens. You can go ahead and follow Freelancer's Cafe on Facebook and at

When it does open, I would be willing to bet it will be a new hip spot for those in Athens.

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