As parents, we do all we can to set our kids up for success but sometimes kids have a mind of their own and want to try to do things on their own and make their own decisions. Sadly, some kids choose the wrong path when they become adults and despite all your best attempts as a parent to steer them the right way, sometimes you gotta let the world deal with them and let experience be their best teacher. As a Father of 3 sons myself, reading this story is sad to me because I would hope my sons would never feel the need to STEAL from their Dad. Vince Wilfork is dealing with that issue.

Former Houston Texan And New England Patriots Great, Vince Wilfork's Son Has Had Several Legal Issues.

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According to ABC 13 Houston, Wilfork retired in 2017 after playing two seasons with the Texans, and before that, winning 2 Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. Wilfork says he came home one day last year and thought he had misplaced the Super Bowl rings and his two AFC Championship rings, so he didn't immediately report the items stolen or missing to police. Court records show that Wilfork also discovered he was missing several others items of jewelry, including a 10K white gold diamond necklace, white gold bracelets and three pairs of diamond earrings. Wilfork estimated the total loss of the jewelry was approximately $400,000.

Police say it wasn't until May 10, 2021 that Wilfork discovered the jewelry was missing.

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Wilfork says he received an email from someone in a memorabilia group saying they had the rings and wanted to know if they were authentic which shocked Wilfork and lead to him filing a police report. Authorities say that D' Aundre Holmes-Wilfork, the 24 year old son of the NFL great, sold the rings for $62,000 more than a year ago. On March 11, 2020, the son also allegedly pawned eight of his dad's items for $4,600. Police tracked down the jewelry after speaking with the business on May 17, 2021. Two days later, authorities had the rings.

Wilfork said he never gave his son permission to take or sell any of his jewelry, which he claimed were all removed from his primary bedroom closet without his consent.

Holmes-Wilfork was arrested in Friendswood and later released on $300,000 bond. On April 20th 2022, Holmes-Wilfork took a plea deal for felony theft of property over $300,000 and was sentenced by a Galveston County judge to five years' probation and community service. In addition to his sentence, a judge ordered the return of the rings and other items back to the elder Wilfork. Before the theft case, Holmes-Wilfork was notably a part of the UH Cougars football team when he was arrested and charged for drug possession in 2016. In the wake of the arrest, UH Athletics said he was no longer a part of the team. Hopefully, this young man figures it out and gets back on track with his life.

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