I've been sitting on this opinion piece for a couple of weeks now. Just before the new year, a Lindale man went on the Heads Up Lindale Facebook group to make a comparison between the gas pumps at Walmart and Brookshire's in Lindale. Apparently, a dirty gas pump means a locally owned business doesn't care about its community.

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I'm assuming that Jud is a Lindale resident. I'm assuming that Jud shops at both Walmart and Brookshire's. I know what happens when you assume but hear me out. Jud seems to believe that because Brookshire's has accurate and working gas pumps that look well used and older than the fancy gas pumps at Walmart that Brookshire's as a company doesn't care for Lindale. Or in Jud's words, "how little regard Brookshires has for Lindale."

Here's his full post which is followed by side by side pictures of the Walmart pumps versus the Brookshire's pumps.

I am an advocate of shopping locally-owned —-up to a point. To me this comparison of a Brookshires and a Walmart fuel pump are representative of how little regard Brookshires has for Lindale. Anyone else feel this way?

Heads Up Lindale via Facebook
Heads Up Lindale via Facebook


What in any way does an old gas pump have to do with caring about your community? I don't get it either.

The Lindale community thought this was a ridiculous argument, too. Toni said:

Hhhmmm a multibillion dollar greedy company with money to spare or locally owned store that prioritizes helping its customers to their car, load groceries for you, return your cart so you don’t have to, and leaves you feeling as though you are appreciated as a customer, but an ugly pump… yeah I’ll take locally owned any day!! Thank you brookshire’s for being the best!

Amber added:

Personally, I don’t see how the physical appearance of a fuel pump has anything to do with the regard a company has for a town. I do, however, care deeply how people who work for a company treat their customers, and quite frankly, I’ve had pleasant experiences at both. Keep in mind, both of these locations employ residents of our town. I am so thankful to live in an area known for its hospitality! What are you thankful for?

Basically, out of the 75 comments on the post, only three threw any support toward Jud. Really you can't count one of those three because the person thought Jud was comparing prices. In other words, Jud had no support for his argument.

Frankly, Jud's complaint seems very odd. How does an old gas pump compare to the company's community service? Are you upset because they don't look shiny and new like the Walmart gas pumps?

Quick tangent, Walmart doesn't have gas pumps. That is Murphy USA. Yes, Murphy USA stations are in front of many Walmart stores but Murphy USA is its own company. So Walmart has nothing to do with this argument.

But I digress.

Just because a gas pump isn't new and shiny doesn't mean it won't pump gas. Hell, using the collected Brookshire's points could save you a dollar or more a gallon. Brookshire's is a locally owned company. Its owners and managers and employees live in East Texas.

Brookshire's helps out in every community they serve. For instance, Brookshire's has flown local veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the World War II Memorial. Brookshire's also has their Spirit of Christmas Food Drive to help those in need in East Texas. Brookshire's does a lot for each and every community, including Lindale.

My point being, Jud, a dirty or old looking gas pump has zero reflection on how a locally owned business treats it's community. If that's your barometer for community involvement than, wow, your business or work ethic must be pristine. I think someone was just looking for some attention which backfired badly.

Okay, rant over. Let's get to some fun stuff.

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