Companies around the world are showing support for Ukraine during their conflict with Russia. And we're seeing it right here in East Texas, as well.

Brookshire's Grocery Company, based in Tyler, Texas, recently announced via their  Facebook page they'll be continuing to refrain from stocking Russian products on their store shelves in solidarity with the Ukrainian people who continue to be threatened by Russia's military machine.

When you consider that family-owned Brookshire's Grocery Company operates over 180 stores in East Texas, Texas, generally--as well as Louisiana, and Arkansas--that makes an impact. Particularly when you consider the other businesses all around the country who are saying NO to Russia and supporting Ukraine by withdrawing Russian-made products.

More and more businesses are saying NO to Russia's invasion of Ukraine by removing Russian-made products from shelves.

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You've likely heard that Visa and Mastercard have decided to stop operating in Russia. Mastercard has said they are revoking support for any cards that were issued by Russian financial institutions. And as a double-blow, cards issued elsewhere won't be usable at any ATM or stores in Russia.

And regarding Visa, abc7 out of L.A. shared a statement made by Visa Chairman and CEO Al Kelly:

"We are compelled to act following Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, and the unacceptable events that we have witnessed."

And now, Netflix, TikTok, and American Express have decided to "suspend operations in Russia amid sanctions after Ukraine invasion," abc13 reports.

American Express has also decided to suspend its operations in Belarus--Russia's biggest ally.

You may be aware that Facebook and Twitter have been blocked in Russia already. But now, Russian TikTok users won't be able to share or see any new videos on the social media platform from anywhere else in the world.

Will this worldwide scale of peer pressure, both financially and socially, be enough to stop the Russian invasion? We shall see.

Do you know of any other ETX businesses doing something similar? Let me know at

And kudos to Brookshire's Grocery Company for their support of Ukraine--AND for making the list of the 22 best employers in the Tyler, Texas area:

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