Brookshire's is THE grocery chain in East Texas. I'm not going to get into the argument for more grocery competition for this bit of news, just that the East Texas company wants to expand. This bit of expansion is expected to occur in Longview with the possibility of a new land purchase by the company to go with an already large land ownership in the same area.

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Land Already Owned by Brookshire's

Longview has wanted some development of North Fourth Street for a while now. In that area, Brookshire's has already bought eight acres of land to build on. Thing is, this land purchase was made in 2015 with no real plan as to what the grocery company was going to build there. Even now, Brookshire's has not filed anything with the City of Longview as to what they want to build.

New Land Wanted by Brookshire's

Maybe Brookshire's is finally getting closer to a plan of what to build on North Fourth Street. There is a less than one acre piece of land at the corner of North Fourth Street and North Eastman Road that Brookshire's is interested in. The price is expected to be $114,000 for the .807 acres. You can see the two areas below:

Google Maps
Google Maps

When will Brookshire's be able to purchase this land?

That will be determined during a Longview City Council meeting being held on Thursday, September 8 at 5:30 p.m. At that time, the city council will vote on whether to authorize the sale of that small piece of land.

Time to Speculate

So what exactly does Brookshire's want to build there? That's a good question. A realtor said at one point that it would be for a "flagship store on the property." The .807 acres of land Brookshire's wants to buy is said to be "for visibility and signage along N. Eastman Road." Both of these answers give no answer whatsoever.

A "flagship store" could be a large Brookshire's grocery store or maybe even a Fresh by Brookshire's like on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler. The "visibility and signage" would obviously be for whatever store goes there but they could add a gas station there, too, so this could be for a gas price display.

Those guesses are unimaginative but I would think would be good guesses. But why purchase land and do nothing with it for seven, almost eight, years, now? Weird. Let us know your guesses.

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