So, I was scrolling through TikTok the other day and the videos took too much of my day once again but I stumbled upon a video of a woman who was watching little league baseball. The next thing she knows the King of Country Music, George Strait appears to be watching the same game. She admits that she doesn’t know what to do seeing as she was a huge fan of the musician, which brings me to the question, would you approach George Strait at a little league game or just let him enjoy the game? 

There have been over 1100 comments on the video it seems as though everyone has a different opinion on how to handle the situation. Some people were questioning if it was the celebrity at all, others saying it was probably real and he was just watching his grandkids play ball. So, assuming that this was George Strait and he was there watching some little league, what would you do? 

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One of the Best Comments About George Strait Watching Little League 

My favorite comment online was from a lady who said that the best way to acknowledge the celeb without bothering him would be to change all of the kids walk up songs to George Strait hit songs. I thought the idea was hilarious. Another lady said she wouldn’t approach him during the game but she would try to say hi after the game as he was headed for his vehicle. Yeah, that seems a little stalker-ish, but at least she was honest.  

How Would You Want to Be Treated? 

Obviously, he was there to be a grandpa not a celebrity. I can promise you he appreciates that at least this fan decided to take a video from afar instead of interrupting his time with family. But that can be difficult when you are such a big fan of someone. So, if you saw George Strait watching little league would you approach him? 

Here is the video so you can decide for yourself. 

@vlo2011 George Strait #FYP #Country #KingOfCountry #GeorgeStrait ♬ Carrying Your Love With Me - George Strait

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