Why didn't Domino's create this sooner? I love this, a pizza wedding registry - it's genuis. I wish I could have created a pizza registry before I got married! If you're recently engaged, and have a passion for pizza, check this out.

Today is national pizza day, so I had to let you know that Domino's has made it easy for pizza-loving couples to get a gift they will really use.

I'm not naming names, but there were few people who generously gifted my husband and I things that we did not register for, and some of those items could not be returned... and unfortunately have already found new homes, but I digress.

One thing we would definitely have loved to receive is a Dominos' gift card. Not only would we use it, but it's funny and memorable. Domino's has created funny gift names like "2 a.m. Bachelor Feast," "Married But Chill," and "Post-Honeymoon Adjustment to Real Life."

I guess I'll go ahead and create one just for fun!

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