It's great getting to work in my dream job. Sitting in my room as a kid pretending to be the DJ as I listened to music gave me the passion for the format. To say I'm happy with my "job" is an understatement.

In my career, I've been to so many concerts I can't count them here. And according to a new study out of Victoria’s Deakin University in Australia, going to concerts makes life happier according to

I can't disagree with this.

The study states that those who attended any sort of public music experience, small or large, had a higher satisfaction with their life.

Not only was it the musical experience but also the communal experience that made concert-goers happier.

Getting to hear live music is always a great experience. I'm a man of many musical tastes. I've always said that I could see an Alan Jackson show followed by a Metallica show and be just as entertained.

My last concert was in fact Metallica when they played in Arlington over the summer. That item has now been checked off my bucket list.

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