Texans, and even some non-Texans, love a stop at Buc-ee's. It's a place of immaculate bathrooms that you can dine in, road trip snacks like Beaver Nuggets and beef jerky, or even a stop for a chopped beef sandwich on your lunch break. The company is not without it's controversy, though, involving employee rules and truckers. A TikTok channel has taken all the good, And Bad, of Buc-ee's to give us some good lessons in the company.

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Buc-ee's is a must stop for any Texan as they traverse our state on their road trip. Buc-ee's is so popular that anytime a non-Texan friend stops for a visit, we tell them they must stop at Buc-e's even if it's way out of their way. Its crazy to say that stopping at a gas station is an experience but it really is.

But as much as we can gush about the experience of Buc-ee's, there is some not so pleasant experiences with the company as well. For instance, truckers are not allowed at Buc-ee's or workers get very few, and very short, breaks during their shift or the company is very sue happy when it comes to it's logo. Despite these negatives, the experience of stopping at Buc-ee's heavily outweighs the bad of the company.

TikTok user, @zackdfilmz, has a series of videos on his channel highlighting not only the history of Buc-ee's but also some of those negative aspects of the our favorite road trip stop.

@zackdfilmzBUCEES♬ original sound - Zack D Films

BUCEES (pt. 2)
♬ original sound - Zack D Films

@zackdfilmzBUCEES 3♬ original sound - Zack D Films

@zackdfilmz Truckers VS Buc-ee's #bucees ♬ original sound - Zack D Films

@zackdfilmz Buc-ee's VS Small Gas Stations #bucees ♬ original sound - Zack D Films

@zackdfilmz The Famous #bucees ♬ original sound - Zack D Films

@zackdfilmz Buc-ee’s vs Denton #bucees ♬ original sound - Zack D Films

BUCEES (pt. 8)
♬ original sound - Zack D Films

@zackdfilmz also covers some other subjects on his TikTok channel including a video about the creation of another Texas icon, Whataburger.

@zackdfilmz2 Whataburgers?♬ original sound - Zack D Films

If you are a TikTok user, look up @zackdfilmz and give his channel a follow.

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