George Strait turns 59 today.

The all-time country music record holder of #1 songs.

The man who is considered one of the top 5 country artists of all time.

The legendary performer who almost was a close personal friend of mine...ALMOST.

If I had a dime for every time I kicked myself in the seat of my pants for my actions in the Spring of 1981...I'd have enough money to repair the toe of my boot which has become so damaged because of kicking myself so much.   Ah yes...I remember it well, March 1981, I was still in high school, but I had been working for a year or so at a small town radio station in Lockhart -- located about 30 miles south of Austin.  The station was KCLT...Casual Country music.

Don't ask me what casual country was.  We played the same type of country as other radio stations, but I guess "casual" was supposed to grab listener's attention -- it didn't.

Oh yes...back to March.  My boss came to me after my shift and asked me what I was planning do for the rest of the afternoon.  My response was quick and to the point - "uuuuuhhhhhh".

So he asked if I could stick around and interview an up and coming artist from San Marcos that was going to stop by later.  His name - George Strait, and he had just released a song called 'Unwound'.

Here it was, my one chance to get in on the ground floor and strike up a friendship with one of the greatest singing stars of all time...but I was dumb teenager who had a couch with my name on it and game of Atari 'Pong' waiting for me, so I said no to the interview.   (kick, kick -- a few more to the backside)

So, on this the 59 birthday of George Strait and the marking of 30 years of making one of my most regretful decisions, I dedicate this song to myself.

Here's George Strait and 'I'd Like To Have That One Back'.

George Strait

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