This is it.

This is the album I played over and over and over as a kid, and in no small part, was the reason I chose radio as a career.

I would sit in my parent's house and pretended to be a DJ while introducing songs like 'Running Scared', 'Only the Lonely', 'Uptown', and many others on my pretend radio station.

Saturday, April 23rd, would have been Roy Orbison's 75th birthday. As Bruce Springsteen mentions in one of the attached videos, so many wanted to sing like the rock-n-roll legend from Vernon, Texas...but, nobody could ever sing like him.

Roy's family and friends are keeping his memory alive with a number of pictures, videos, memoirs, and much more which you can check out at or at his Facebook page. Here's one of those photos showing Orbison getting fed birthday cake by members of the Beatles.

Roy Orbison with the Beatles

Here are some videos that I thought I would share with you.

Roy with a haunting version of 'Crying' from the special 'Black & White' night featuring many pop and rock and roll legends.

'Pretty Woman' from that same performance

A special video retrospect of Roy Orbison

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