Halloween is five months away but yet someone seems to be celebrating it year round. Or maybe this is some kind of occult thing. Or someone is just a sadistic fiend. There are so many questions going into this story. Why are these animals being decapitated? Why does whoever is doing it feel that this neighborhood is the ideal spot to dump the bodies? Some real weirdness going on.

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Just after midnight Friday, May 6, security camera footage captured a white, four door sedan, driving slowly through a Houston neighborhood. Sitting on the roof of the car is a box. The car is seen in video turning at the intersection of Fairdale Lane and Tanglewilde Street and stopping. Then a man jumps out of the passenger seat, grabs the box, and sets it on the ground.

Later that morning around 8 a.m., Callie Markantonis is out walking and sees the box. She looks inside and sees some newspaper. She begins to unfold the newspaper and sees fur. Inside of that box is a goat and a chicken, neither of them have their head. The police are called to investigate what is going on.

Markantonis says this is not the first time this has happened, either. It has been going on for about two years now. She says about every two to three months, decapitated animals are dumped in their neighborhood.

Please stop dumping this in our neighborhood.

Other residents in the neighborhood have the same questions you're probably asking. One man told click2houston.com, "Where are they cutting the heads off? And where are the heads at? Where are they doing it at? Why here?" Jamal Erif said, "Seems like some Voodoo magic or something strange someone is doing, and it doesn’t belong over here."

Whatever is going on, it can certainly be classified as weird and a little bit scary.

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