Want to be smarter and get ahead? Start your morning right. Jim Kwik explains his morning routine.

There are 10 things he does every morning that lead to greater focus and success and he divulges his habits in the video above.

1. Remember Your Dreams - He has a process to remember his dreams. Our brains don't shut off while we sleep. Sometimes they work through problems, and we wake with solutions.

2. Make Your Bed - Jim makes his bed to start his day off with a successful accomplishment, and a neat and tidy space which prompts productivity.

3. Drink Lots of Water - Did you know your brain is mostly water? Yep, and most of us stay dehydrated all the time, which leads to less brain power. Drink up.

4. Brush Your Teeth with the Opposite Hand - Are you right-handed? Brush with your left, it creates more neuroconnections in your brain.

5. Deep Breathing Exercise - Oxygen is great for your brain! Without it, your brain gets tired. Deep breathing helps get oxygen to the brain to fuel it!

6. Brain Tea - Jim drinks a tea filled with brain enhancing ingredients to boost focus and memory.

7. Journaling - While you're enjoying your Brain Tea, take notes, plan your day and write the things you're most grateful for. The brain thrives on gratitude. Gratitude is also good for your brain, and so is learning.

8. High-Intensity Work Out - Quick workout to get the blood flowing. What's good for your heart is good for your brain.

9. Brain Power Smoothie - Super foods that are good for the brain go into his smoothie.

10. Reading - Leaders are Readers. Spend 20 minutes reading while you're drinking your Brain Power Smoothie.

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