September 7th is considered "National Beer Lovers Day" and apparently a man from Longview had one too many and decided to take himself to jail after going somewhere he wasn't supposed to.

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We take you to Harrison County where police there said that they received a phone call last night from a man who allegedly WANTED to go to jail and got his wish.

According to a post on their Facebook page, Larry Francis, 62, is reported to have shown up at his neighbors house “highly intoxicated” where he had a criminal trespass card against him. Its unknown why he would do such a thing other than the alcohol was doing all the talking.

His neighbor threatened to call Deputies on him....

Harrison County Jail
Harrison County Jail

But that threat didn't bother Larry at all. According to police "Larry figured he would beat her to punch and call himself." So, Larry called the cops and once contact was made it was discovered that he was highly intoxicated and had an active CT (Criminal Trespass) card against him for his neighbor's residence.

So, Naturally, Police Did Their Job And Took Larry In.

Dmitriy Eremenkov

Larry was arrested and transported to the Harrison County Jail, where the booking process was completed. Its clear to this observer that Larry let the liquor or whatever he was on do all the talk and he talked himself right into a night at the pokey. Hopefully he'll remember that moderation is the key and that too much drink will have your mouth writing checks your bail bondsman will be more than happy to cash.

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