A rare mushroom that 'hisses' when it blooms and releases a smoke-like cloud of spores is in bloom at a Texas State Park throughout the central Texas area, according to KXAN based in Austin, Texas.

Mushrooms are strange lifeforms anyway, at least in my opinion. Upon gazing at one, we'd assume they are some form of plant life. But according to Freshcap.com, a website focused on mushrooms, mushrooms are more biologically related to animals than plants. Their basic structure certainly is more plant-like, but the way they function is closer to animals--for example, the way they 'breathe.'

Or 'hiss,' in this example. Though no, they're not 'hissing' the way a snake would, obviously.

And not to mention, in the case of the Chorioactis Geaster, more commonly known as both the Devil’s Cigar and Texas Star. According to a report from KETK in Tyler, Texas, the 'Texas Star' "is the official State Mushroom of Texas. Legislation designating it as such was filed in 2021 by former House Rep. Ben Leman and later signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott."

Mushrooms are the reproductive organs of fungi. Some of them are delicious. Others are quite poisonous, and all of them are fascinating to me.

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The 'Texas Star' is blooming across central Texas, and apparently, it makes a hissing sound as it does so, while releasing a spore-cloud, according to Texas Parks & Wildlife. They pop up during months when we have cooler temps and grow on elm tree stumps and their roots when they are in a decomposition state.

They can be found in Inks Lake State Park, located north of Austin. But although rare, are said to be blooming elsewhere in Central Texas. What's furthermore interesting, according to Texas Parks & Wildlife, is that they have only been found in Japan, Oklahoma, and here in the Lone Star State.

Here's a quick video from KENS 5 out of San Antonio, Texas for more detail:

And one more fun fact? They get their nickname the 'Devil's Cigar' because of the 'smoke' that puffs out when they release their spores. Yeah, I won't be adding this one to my recipes any time soon, and neither should you. ;)

Interesting, though. Nature is wild, y'all.

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