Either someone snuck a still from Jurassic Park into a news station's coverage of Houston flooding, or it is the end times in Texas, y'all.

Amid the extreme weather this week, KHOU-TV in Houston solicited photos from its viewers to include in its storm coverage. Except, nestled amid the photos shared by viewers, was a still from the movie Jurassic Park, captioned "Heavy overnight rain resulted in high water and street flooding around the Houston area," and credited to "KHOU 11 News Viewer."

The image was likely submitted as a prank — a prank that slipped by KHOU's editors, who, to be fair, have been a little busy this week. At least that's what we're hoping happened because dealing with Mother Nature is enough without also having to worry about velociraptors.

The submitted still was from the scene in the 1993 flick when Dennis Nedry (played by Wayne Knight) attempts to flee with stolen dinosaur embryos stashed in a hollowed-out Barbasol can after shutting down power to the entire park. In KHOU's defense, the weather is terrible in the scene depicted in the shot, so bad that Nedry's Jeep gets stuck in the mud, leading to his ultimate demise at the hands of a dilophosaurus. There was enough rainwater in the scene, that it almost looked like Houston this week. Except for the dinosaurs.

With many parts of the state still under water, all we can say is, "Hold onto your butts."

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