Whoever said football is a man’s sport is in for a rude awakening!  On Wednesday the Legends Football League formerly known as the Lingerie Football League announced via press release that they will seek individual and group ownership of existing teams and teams of the future.

According to the Chron, the LFL’s main focus is to expand their US league, as well as develop a potential launch in Canada, Australia, and Europa. Currently they have eight teams in the United States in cities including Atlanta, Chicago, and Seattle. It was announced that Houston and Nashville will be joining the fold by 2020.

Personally I am not stranger to the LFL. I've seen a few games and trust me fellas, these ladies are more than just a pretty face.  The games are physical, intense, and as a bonus you get to watch the ladies play in lingerie.

Managing Partner Mitchell Mortaza said in a statement:

From our league office, in some instances we are thousands of miles away from our teams, thus we can only lend so much support. Bringing on in-market ownership groups, will provide daily and in-market support of each of our individual clubs, allowing our teams as well as the sport to reach new heights.

With this expansion they plan to have 33 markets in the league by 2028.

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