This Houston, Texas woman shared a warning for those seeking a micro-blading procedure after she experienced a catastrophic outcome.

First of all, kudos to this young woman for having the courage to share her story and her photos on her TikTok account and Facebook page after a beauty procedure took a botched turn which she said was "beyond embarrassing." However, she wanted to share so that no one else would have to go through this.

Crystal Weinstock of Richmond, right outside of Houston, TX, went in for a micro-blading service at Kai Brow Bar in Houston.

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The "makeup artist" in question from Kai Brow Bar was also accused of drinking while working--never a good idea--but especially when engaging in these types of precision services, in my opinion. And obviously Crystal's, as well.

I had a chat with her on Facebook in order to make sure she was okay with me sharing her story, too. She graciously replied with this:

"Thank you for this, I am okay sharing my story because I heard so many others that have been through this that had to walk this road as well. Please bring awareness, I wouldn't wish this on anyone else!"

In an earlier Facebook post, she had this to say after she talked to the lady who performed the service:

"She continued to blame my skin, and refused to admit that this was an F up job. She said after a year of microblading she is a master of what she does. I literally had to beg for the money I had to pocket out to fix this."

And thanks to the generosity of many empathetic people, she did receive enough money to have the botched procedure rectified.

CBS Austin reports that "after Crystal spent days warning others about the botched procedure, Erica Kovitz, a Los Angeles-based permanent makeup artist, offered to correct Weinstock’s eyebrows for free and even started a GoFundMe. Crystal was flown out to California to meet with Kovitz where several sessions would be needed to correct the botched procedure.

If you'd like to learn more about her backstory, you can watch some of the TikTok videos she shared here:

Dear reader, have you ever experienced a botched procedure and would like to tell us about it? Contact me at 

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