I have never lived in a place with so many haunted buildings. If you love ghost hunting Shreveport is the place for you no doubt. From the Shreveport Municipal to the bars downtown there are many places I refuse to wander alone. Especially late at night.

I have always had an irrational fear of haunted places, I can't watch scary movies because they replay in my mind and the fear won't let me go to sleep. After this past weekend, I have never been more unsettled. Before I tell you what happened to me I will admit, I had consumed quite a bit of alcohol. I know that that may make my story sound "off'" but I swear it has messed with me and haunted me ever since.

Sunday night somehow turned into an early Monday morning for my friend and I since we decided to stay awake watching fireworks that were still being fired off. Two of our other friends called it a night around 10:30 p.m. it had been a long day out on the boat for us.

Around midnight I was walking out of the house into the back porch when I heard a woman's voice behind me. I thought it was my friend telling me something but I turned around and she wasn't there. At this point, my friends who had called it a night had been asleep for well over an hour. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I heard that voice inside the house behind me.

I didn't say anything about it since it freaked me out so much, I just went and sat on the rocking chair and said nothing. About 30 minutes later my friend and I walked back into the house for a drink refill and when we were walking back out he turned around and said "Did you hear that?" I asked him if it was a woman's voice and he confirmed it was. It freaked me out so much I struggled to fall asleep that night.

Why did this upset me?

The next morning I told my best friend and her boyfriend. Keep in mind it's his home and he was shocked to hear that I was convinced his home was haunted. Everyone in that home looked at me like I was crazy. They claimed I drank too much and I was confused. Then they claimed that it was probably a neighbor I was hearing. I can't stress this enough, I heard the voice inside the home, behind me.

What ticked me off the most was my friend who stayed up with me that night said, "Yeah they are right it probably was a neighbor." I was so livid but even more upset with him. I know what I heard.

How can you help me?

How can I prove that a home is haunted? I know what I heard, and he heard it too despite the fact he is now claiming there was too much alcohol involved. How can I prove that there is a ghost in that house?  If you have any ideas send me a message directly here. 

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