Today is the last day in Texas to register to vote. If you do not sign up quick you will be left to everyone else's mercy. There are no excuses to miss out on helping choose your future.

With the presidential election right around the corner, what are you going to do about it? You cannot do anything about how your government is run if you do not vote. There is time now and no need for excuses. Today is your last day to secure a means of voting.

With registering simplified to an incredible level, there is no reason not to register right now. In fact, if you want to quit reading this right now and go register I say GO!  The website can help you register or confirm if you are already registered. The site is very helpful. It can let you know everything you will need to vote.

The figures of who is voting, why, and why not are a little scary. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only "40% of Texas residents" are voting. Less than half of our state are voting. That is ridiculous. Especially because there are too many of you with bumper stickers, yard signs, and other political propaganda for that little of us to be voting. If you have a voice for this country and state, use it. Are we waiting for Texas to become its own nation again before we vote? Since this is nowhere close to happening any time soon, we need to be out deciding our future together in this country.

The Census Bureau also stated that, 27 percent of the registered to vote did not make it to the polls because they "did not have time." That is sad. For four years the decisions of the election affects that 27 percent. Most employers and schools will accept an absence or tardiness if you were voting. Take the time out of one day of your life to vote. I will not pressure towards any of the candidates, but I do encouraged all of you to vote. Do some research, pick a candidate, and vote.

If you are wondering where to even start. Not sure between Democrat, Republican, or other political affiliations you are? The internet will be a great researching tool for you. In fact, there are plenty of sites out there that can help you find "where you fit." The major candidates have great resources of discovery on their person websites as well. So if you want to pick between Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama, you will have plenty of information.

There is nothing left to say. There are no more excuses to give. Now is the time that we prepare ourselves for some of the greatest decisions we can make as adults. Neglecting our rights, such as voting, neglects everything our founding fathers did for all americans.

Register, inform yourself and VOTE!