I've been looking for some unique decor pieces as of late. I've decided resolutely that I will only put things in my updated "petite maison" that, other then being purely functional, are items that I find sincerely interesting or are authentic. I'd heard about Pandora's Box in Frankston from a friend, and last week we decided to drive over and take a look. It was a truly unique experience and a "picker's" dream.

I guess I was expecting something a bit more generic, but it was quite the contrary. Antique and/or unique furniture pieces redone beautifully and being offered at affordable prices were everywhere.

I also was impressed at the range of styles: cottage, farmhouse, transitional, vintage, even a few things that would work in a contemporary setting. Guys, tell your wives and girlfriends: there were also french-milled soaps, jewelry, clothing, and some of the coolest "vintage-y" handbags I've seen. Yes, I got one. Duh.

Outside is a whole other kind of cool. Gorgeous spring plants, flowers, and trees, artistic lawn sculptures including those huge spinning whirligigs. Perhaps my favorite find was the old door I scavenged from the collection on the front porch.

I've been looking for one for my studio entry and it's perfect. Yeah, it needed a little love, but that's the kind of thing I've been looking for. It's got three small glass windows, is in good shape, and brings a bit of that "bring the outside inside" vibe that I love.

All of this to say...I'll definitely be back. It's one of those cool East Texas spots it's fun to discover right here at home. Be sure and pet the various cats for me. Yeah, there's at least three roaming freely inside and out and they would love to help you find what you're looking for. Enjoy.

Right now, there are lots of spring flowers to ooh and ahh over...and take home, of course.

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