So here's the thing, I don't think coffee is that big of a deal. I have a cup each morning at work but I don't need it to start my day or be able to talk to people. Outside of work, it's the last thing I think about. So no, I don't have one of those single cup makers or even a small coffee maker.

That means I've never had a coffee from Starbucks. I've ordered for friends before but they had to write down exactly how I needed to order it because I would have screwed it up royally if they didn't. Why can't it just be "large"? Why does it have to be venti, or whatever the hell they name their sizes?

But I digress.

This morning, my lady friend (we haven't made it to girlfriend boyfriend status just yet but maybe soon) brought me my first ever cup of coffee from the chain. I took a picture and shared it on my Facebook page saying it was good even though I didn't know what the flavor was.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

I didn't realize that the label had the flavors right there. I honestly thought it was one of the weird names they have for their sizes. You laugh, but I'm serious at how much of a Starbucks noob I am.

Anyway, I will admit that this cinnamon vanilla (my buddy Shawn told me that was the flavors) concoction was pretty good. One friend commented that my addiction has started. Uummm...I'm not gonna go that far but I'll probably try something again at some point.

Just don't get impatient if you're behind me in line, I'm still a Starbucks rookie and it'll take me a minute.

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