Yesterday while I was heading in to do some grocery shopping at Fresh by Brookshire's in Tyler, Texas, I saw an interesting sign on one of the entry doors.

The sign on the door included a logo of an extremely popular coffee shop with the words 'coming soon.'

Starbucks Coffee will soon be on offer at one of our favorite grocery stores in East Texas. I'm pretty happy to hear I'll be able to grab my grande iced latte made with oat milk with an extra shot upside down before I do my shopping. (Yes, I've become one of those people.) 

Once I was inside the store, I wandered past where their coffee shop area had been and noticed it is all boarded up. So, it's already in progress.

Will the presence of a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Fresh by Brookshire's encourage you to shop there more often?

Honestly, I'm already a huge fan of Fresh by Brookshire's. And I actually enjoyed the coffee they'd already served in-house. But what about you? Does that make it more appealing?

I've reached out to the folks at Fresh by Brookshire's on Facebook to try to get a little more information regarding when Starbucks will be opening there. I also wonder if the employees of Starbucks will be Fresh employees or a different staff entirely. But the biggest question on my mind?

Will they continue to offer that delicious gelato to which many of us have become addicted at Fresh in Tyler, TX?

I've not heard back yet, but I'll let you know when I do. ;)

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