Being a Type 1 diabetic for sure makes enjoying a snack difficult sometimes. Most folks go to is a nice candy bar or bag of trail mix. For me, those would be an absolute disaster. It's a little easier with soft drinks since most have a sugar free option that has a similar flavor. One soft drink's sugar free option has become really hard to find, though. That would be Big Red.

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Big Red is one of my favorite soft drinks. That Big Red concept has even extended to include a peach, what I'm guessing is a blue coconut flavor and a couple of others. There was a Diet Big Red that was readily available that I would pick up from time to time if I wanted a break from Diet Dr. Pepper or the Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper or the Diet Chery Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I love Dr. Pepper, okay, stop laughing at me (I say sarcastically with a playful pout on my face.)

However, when the Dr. Pepper company added the zero sugar line, that Diet Big Red disappeared. Until I found those glorious 20oz red bottles marked with Zero Sugar at the Shell Station in Liberty City on Interstate 20. Anytime I needed to go to Longview, I would stop there and pick one up to enjoy on the way. Coming back, I would stop again and pick up two or three just to have for later. Recently I noticed that store has stopped selling them.


My girlfriend made fun of me this past weekend when we were in Fort Worth. We stopped at a gas station there and they had Zero Sugar Big Red. I grabbed five of them from the cooler. I could've grabbed more but I didn't want to fully take away someone else's Zero Sugar Big Red fix.

I wish I could find Zero Sugar Big Red in stores. Not as a one liter, not as a twelve pack of cans, not even as a six pack of 16oz bottles. It is certainly frustrating when it's one of my favorite drinks. I've even looked on Tyler Beverages and Made Rite's website to see if there is a way to order it that way but to no avail.

I will just enjoy the bottles I picked up over the weekend and keep a sharp eye out for any more that might pop up somewhere else.

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