I started working out again about a year and a half ago. It's been great. I haven't lost weight, but that's because of some other issues that have popped up. But I have quit smoking thanks in part to it so that's a huge plus.

I really thought my workouts were pretty good. That was until a couple of weekends ago. A friend of mine, who was a personal trainer, asked me to workout with her. I'm thinking...

That first weekend wasn't so bad. So I agreed to do it again this weekend.

Yeah, it should've been fun. Just a couple of friends working out, b.s.'ing a bit. Ummm...nope!

We did legs on Saturday. A workout that consisted of some weird, upside down, single leg press, a calf press thingy and squats with the "help" of free weights. It's Monday morning as I'm writing this and my legs are still just supporting weights, not anything I can walk with.

And I drive a stick. So the trip home was real fun. I was like this...

My legs were basically noodles.

Yesterday, I agreed to it again. I guess I enjoy pain. We did upper body this session. I did better this time until we hit the humbling machine of death, pull ups.

It was like 6th grade PE all over again. I did four and a half pull ups. I got a kinda, sorta, to make me feel good "yay".

Needless to say, this weekend she kicked my butt. I'm sore as hell. I look like an 80 year old man walking down the hall. But, in the long run, the temporary pain will be worth it. Even if I feel like this this morning...

I "hate" her this morning but I'll get over it, maybe.

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