Every day we make choices on what we want to eat, what to wear, and even where to live. Most of us living here in East Texas love it, that's why we choose to be here. We could go somewhere else but life is good here. Although there is always something that we wish we could change. If you could change one thing about East Texas what would it be?

Probably the easiest and most common answer would be the humidity or muggy conditions we often deal with. At times we all curse the humidity, mostly when we are all sweaty, but that isn't what I would choose to change.

Another very popular answer would be the way that people drive in East Texas. When you're behind the wheel you better be paying attention. You might be the only person around you paying attention to driving, so keep your eyes on the road.

The One Thing I Would Want in East Texas is Something We Should All Want

I'm proud of where I live, and really have a problem with people being disrespectful. As much as I hate adding to the laws here in Texas I would love to see illegal dumping to have a more strict penalty.

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Backroads Are Not a Trash Can

My wife Savannah and I will often go for a drive down roads we aren't familiar with. And there is nothing worse than seeing garbage thrown all over the side of the road. I know people could face a misdemeanor charge and $500 fine but that isn't discouraging illegal dumpers to stop.

I'm a bit old school but I wish people would clean up after themselves and quit throwing trash all over the great state of Texas.

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