If you browse the internet long enough, you'll come across so many different things to occupy your mind. It can be the latest DIY trends on Pinterest, a cool vegan recipe that may actually be worth a try, or another cool Amazon find you found on TikTok that you TOTALLY don't need, but will probably buy anyway and hide from your husband. You get my point by now - if it's on the internet, it'll be found.

Like a lot of people, I joined TikTok during quarantine. It's the latest social media platform - turned social media giant - to take over phones around the world. Not giving TikTok much thought, I just started to browse. The more videos you like, the more tailored the videos shown to you become (each user gets a 'For You' page *FYP* that shows these).

When scrolling though my FYP, I started to notice one particular video keep popping up. In the videos, there's a guy usually wearing some sort of flannel-patterned shirt and a baseball cap worn backwards. The point of his videos? To share a story. Not just any story (if you read the headline, you're probably waiting on this part)...they're the stories of the dark, mysterious, strange....and DOWN RIGHT CREEPY. Enter Mr.Ballen.

Mr.Ballen (as he goes by on social media) is a former Navy Seal turned story teller. He's got over 5 million followers on TikTok, and over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. Just looking at the sheer number of likes he's received on TikTok is mind-boggling at over 143 million. The whole point of his Youtube channel (and now TikTok too, let's be honest) is to share these creepy and mysterious stories. If you're into demons and the paranormal - there are stories for you. Maybe you've followed  stories about real missing people across the country - Mr.Ballen covers those too.

Just based off my own personal experience, this is a new Netflix night type of YouTube channel...although you probably shouldn't watch it at night. I love these types of stories, and will keep following along. Maybe you should dip your toes in first though - check out the one below, and let me know what you think!

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