There is lots to love about living in East Texas. There is lots to not love so much about living here, too. Having said that, we can still take pride in living in this area. As a lifelong resident of East Texas, there is a lot I know about the area. That doesn't mean I don't learn something new about East Texas from time to time. While this video tour of Tyler, Texas on YouTube doesn't offer anything I, or you, don't already know, it is very well done and a video you could show to your out of town friends or family to learn a little bit about the county seat of Smith County.

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Lord Spoda YouTube Channel

I had never heard of the Lord Spoda YouTube channel until this video was presented to me. The husband and wife team of this channel travel all over the country and offer some highlights of their various visits. From the couple of other videos I watched, they offer some very good facts about the town they visit as well as some "off the beaten path" views of the city they're in.

Showcasing Tyler's Downtown

For instance, in their video about Tyler, they spend some time on the square in downtown Tyler. While walking around the square and courthouse, he gives some facts about Tyler such as population, how the city of Tyler has never seen a loss in population through the various census counts and how, while not the largest producers of roses in the world anymore, Tyler still produces a lot of the world's supply.

I love how he is enamored with the brick streets of Tyler. As he stats a few times, he is a few blocks outside of downtown in the Azalea District and is still driving on them. If I'm not mistaken, Tyler still maintains 16 miles of brick streets. He gives a very good look at the stately homes in the Azalea District, too.

Tyler Rose Museum

He and his wife spent a good amount of time at the Tyler Rose Museum. If you have never visited, it's a great look back at the history of the Tyler Rose Festival, the Rose Queens from each year and the glitz and glamour of the dresses for each queen.

Tyler Traffic

His main complaint about Tyler, which any resident will agree with, is the traffic. Tyler's infrastructure has not handled the steady population and retail/restaurant growth well at all. Maybe one day the city will find a good way to alleviate this headache.

All in all, this is a proper tour of Tyler to show to your friends or family who don't live here. Its certainly better than the nonsense we got from a so called travel channel back in 2021. That channel was so mad that I called out their mistakes, I inadvertently started a feud with them. They came back a year later and were still mad at me.

Check out the video below, share it with your friends and watch some of their other videos of the other towns they've visited in Texas and around the country.

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