I've started seeing these in stores and they look gorgeous and are perfect for a collector like me. The are called FiGPin. FiGPiN takes anime, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and many more franchises and turns them into beautiful lapel pins. They are colorful, extremely show accurate and don't cost that much. Let's take a further look into why these will soon be on my collector shelves.

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Browsing inside GameStop or Target, I've seen FiGPiNs on display. There are three sizes I've seen so far, mini, regular and XL. FiGPiN Minis are two inches tall but are just as detailed and colorful as the regular size ones. The regular FiGPiNs are three inches tall and FiGPiN XLs are six inches tall and are super detailed.

There is a nice weight to each FiGPiN, too. FiGPiN, FiGPiN mini and FiGPiN XL are all made of a zinc alloy. They come encased in a museum quality display box, perfect to set on a shelf or desk. If you choose to take it out of the box, each FiGPiN has a stand on the back for perfect display as well.

When I say they are inexpensive, I mean it. FiGPiN minis run roughly $8.00, FiGPiNs are about $15.00 and FiGPiN XLs are approximately $25. There are many franchises to choose from, too. Disney, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Star Wars, Borderlands 3, Marvel, DC and so many more. Get all the details on FiGPiN at their website, figpin.com, or head over to Big Bad Toy Store to browse their huge selection of FiGPiN. Check out just a small selection of what's available below.

FiGPiN - Michael Gibson's Future Collection Items

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