Like many anglers I wish I had more time to spend on the water trying to catch some fish. But just about everyone in Texas knows that if you’re going to go fishing you have to do it the proper way, which means doing things legally. It’s not very difficult to follow the rules but if you decided to not follow the rules there can be some big consequences, one fisherman just found that out the hard way. 

According to KETK, there were several citations issued after game wardens found out about some illegal fishing that was going on in Angelina County. It was Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens from Trinity and Angelina counties that found a hoop net in the Neches River that had 22 catfish.  

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That’s When the Surveillance Operation Began 

The game wardens knew the net owners would be back soon to check on the nets and collect the fish, so the wardens built a blind and hid their vehicles. It took less than an hour until their suspect arrived. 

The Suspect Had No Idea What He Was Walking Into 

The team of game wardens heard a truck approach their location on the opposite side of the river. A fisherman exited the vehicle and headed straight for a pre-baited net that was like the ones the game wardens had already found. That is when game wardens from both sides of the river popped out and made contact with the suspect. 

There were several citations issued and the cases are still pending. A huge thank you to game wardens for protecting our rivers and fishing opportunities across the state of Texas.  

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